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Pee-wee has had his share of trouble since his playhouse days. In 1991, he pleaded no contest to indecent exposure charges when he was caught exposing himself in a movie theater. Then, in 2001, police searched his home and found over 30,000 pornographic images, some of which included minors. He was sentenced to three years of probation and had to register as a sex offender.

Lately, she is consoling herself with capitalism. On the day I meet with her to begin the first of two wide-ranging discussions, Pepsi announces that it has enlisted the singer to blitz the cola-war zone. (She will reportedly earn $5 million for one year's allegiance, which would include commercials and tour sponsorship.) In addition, she has been busily overseeing the editing of the "Like a Prayer" video and preparing for her role as a cheeky vixen in Warren Beatty's film Dick Tracy.

But until then, if you lived in a major city and were gay or an intravenous drug user, sex worker or among their intimates, you were an endangered species. There was no cure, and our government was indifferent. Breaking their silence was essential to our survival and sanity. So when Madonna launched her business with Sex and Erotica , LGBTQ people knew she wasn't exploitative: She was trying to save our lives by politicizing her anger. The frustration of Erotica that critics of the era bemoaned, we applauded because it was our own. Sure, she borrowed some of our fabulousness, but she also gave back plenty.

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Dr Dennis Wolf, fat transfer specialist at The Private Clinic, performing fat transfer to the hands on 57 year old Rosetta Citton.

A Women's Media Center sponsored-organization, SPARK is dedicated to articulating strategies, disseminating and calling for new research, and engaging girls as social change agents to challenge the impacts of sexualization in the fight for gender justice. Whether it is writing about the super sexualized images of female super heroes in comic books or discussing the e ffects of eating disorders and body image disturbance amongst adolescents, these young girl activists are "sparking" a much-needed dialogue on images that affect girls not only in the United States, but globally as well.

As for her latest hijinks, we did some checking, and there's a law in Australia making it a crime to commit "indecent assault" -- touching someone indecently without their consent.

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Madonna - Sexual ExposureMadonna - Sexual ExposureMadonna - Sexual Exposure